Aggressive Melancholy In Games. How Anger Helplessness And Desolation Help To Gain Satisfaction

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Human beings are all alike and are all susceptible to feelings of sadness, reflection of self-deprecation and longing sadness as well as other human afflictions. It is commonplace that we be apathetic and oblivious to our situation For instance watching an emotional film when we're not in good spirits , only to worsen our situation. There is nothing wrong with being a bit depression, especially when you'd like to be at home in peace covered in blankets, and ensure there is no one to touch you. It is a fact that in the world of gamers, there are many who feel emotional for these reasons, and the games are developed which are hard to describe as typical time-killer and the clean-polished AAA Titles. They are designed to allow players to experience the emotions, allow them to flow through you and completely disappear into the world that they create. This allows you to exchange emotions and finally let go those negative emotions that stuck around for some time. Let me be clear that this isn't about that warm and calming melancholy like Life Is Strange GRIS as well as Journey but rather the opposite. A melancholy which is dark bitter, cold, despairing and even cruel, yet captivating. I've listed 10 games which, to my mind completely reveal their dark side. This is not an absolute top, but the journey from devastation and feelings of helplessness , to brutal, cold-blooded ugliness. Because of the uniqueness of the theme chosen many of the games are neo-noirs since this type of genre assists in letting out the negativity and revel in the disgustingly beautiful emotions of moral despair. Before I start I'd like to point out that we're discussing healthy moping and mild sadness and not serious mental illnesses. If you notice that you are suffering from the second condition you should immediately consult a professional instead of provoking within yourself a negative emotion. 

Pathologic/Mor (Utopia) (Utopia) - Death and helplessness before time The first Pathologic album, which was released on the market in 2005, from Ice-Pick Lodge, is a extremely brutal experience that could make you feel despairing and hopeless (in an appropriate way however). I chose to begin with itbecause Mohr is a game that's fun to listen to but extremely difficult to play. To give you a context, the protagonist of the game, Bachelor of Medicine Daniel Dankovsky arrives in town N , to find an immortal human who's been living for more than 150 years. However, upon arriving the man discovers the immortal man has been murdered by somebody. In a state of shock and despair, Daniel tries desperately to locate the culprit. As time passes, a mysterious disease begins to manifest in the city, destroying off the residents one at a time. When he is attempting to come to find out the reality, the bachelor will have to make tough decisions each day, interact with people in the city, and protect them, and endure by making sure that he is well-fed and not suffering from thirst or being sick from the devastating disease that is circulating along with him. However the game is designed in a way that wherever and whenever you fail and have to be the one to pay with the life of someone else. The player is given 12 days and each day you must have the time to accomplish a set of tasks specifically designed for the day. It is a constant flow of time regardless of what you do, it's not you that moves events, but they do affect the events. Mor (Utopia) might be regarded as a synonym for the term "helplessness" This feeling is present all through the experience, taking and offering nothing to anyone else, generating bizarre weird images. Through the characters and them they evoke an euphoric dream that it is no way to wake up. Maura has a high entry threshold and the game doesn't care anything about the player, it's totally uninterested in the issues you have to encounter, so be sure to follow the rules or not play even. If you can overcome your fears then the world of Mora will be yours and be well worth the effort. Inside are fear, loneliness and emptyness Another masterwork by the makers of Limbo which explores the issues of loneliness, abandonment and desperation. 

A puzzle-platformer was released in the year 2016 by the independent studio Playdead. The players' experiences and feelings will be completely personal and the events are interpreted in a loose manner in the sense that not a single word will be spoken for the four hours of gameplay. To put it in perspective: You're just a kid struggling to survive. You flee from mask-wearing men, and they attempt to take you down. In order to over come certain obstacles, you must to work through simple challenges that are, as if intentionally reduced in order that the player doesn't get distracted from their contemplation process and is in a state of adoration. The music of the background of Martin Stig Andersen and SOS Gunver Ryberg adds to the general feeling of emptyness and fills the world of the game with a lasting feeling of solitude. The game's gameplay Inside is fantastic It's fast-paced and you're playing with your eyes closed. What's not to love? It is a great combination with sadness and a fear of the future. Inside allows you to dissolve into your emotions, yet does not let you get sucked into the emotions. It's more of a sport that allows you to minimize the noise that is in your head and allow the time to pass without a trace. Papers, Please - a moral fatigue, bitterness, and the consequences of your choices Lucas Pope's well-known indie title (Return to the Obra Dinn) is a border security simulation set in a totalitarian society. To give a context, the player is offered the position of an officer at the border and is offered an apartment. The only thing required by the participant is to carry out the entry of foreign nationals into the home country (Glory in Arstotzka! ) and in accordance with guidelines and regulations. In the event of a violation of the entry control, the player will be penalized, because of which he'll lose his hard-earned funds. The earnings are extremely important to keep in Papers, Please, because we must support his son, wife and mother-in-law. We must cover the cost of housing, food and heating. If one of the family members becomes sick, we need to pay for medical treatment. Yes you are not able to invest money in anything, however you're putting all of your family members to death. It's the moral calamity that the entire game plays out. The players pay very little and they won't have enough money to cover all the things. It is up to you make a decision and it can have consequences. Many things can happen on this process, so even the participant could be affected. 

A foreigner may need assistance in completing the paperwork so they can assist you later on. Somebody will want you to take part in a coup to earn decent money and your family is in need of very much. The game's direct screen within Papers, Please is only one of its kind: it portrays the atmosphere of a closed-off state to the maximum extent starting at the checkpoint, and smells of the cold concrete slabs. Its imagination created the remainder of the city to be the most depressing and bleak area, which is solely due to the style and gameplay. According to me, Papers, Please is a game that is perfect for when you're just not feeling the vibe or it's been a horrible grey day and you've just been sitting on the edge. This game is called The Wolf Among Us - Dirt, vice and Neon It is considered to be the most popular, if not the most popular, games from the deceased and reborn Telltale Games. The game is built on the Bill Willingham Fables comic book series, which features characters from a variety of stories, fairytales and folklore that are forced to hide in our current world. The idea is intriguing and the execution is excellent, which is why I recommend that you take a look at the original comics well. To give context, the game is set several years prior to the events in the original. In the game, we play Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, however, today Wolf is in human form . He acts as sheriff in Fabletown, New York, where the tales of all kinds ran out of the city after the invaders took over their home. Wolf was chosen as the sheriff due to his reputation for being a calculating and cold-blooded predator. Due to the amnesty given to the storytellers following their left their home countries (i.e. that all their previous transgressions and merits have been wiped out) There is no recourse to Wolf. In all the laws of Telltale it's an episodic, point-and-click adventure in which we, as sheriffs have to solve the mystery of the murders of girls. 

The worth of the game isn't in the plot or, God forbid the gameplay, but the design that is important in this game. What Telltale has accomplished with the graphics of this game merits special praise. The way they play with shadows and lighting and the music, the characters, it's just enjoyable to play. There's not much to talk about with regard to non-linearity since it's an ongoing game from Telltale Games, and all the major events happen in one manner or another. It's also ideal for those who are in a disgusting mood and allows you to fully feel the gritty, neon brutal look of the 80's New York. You can try on the appearance of a really tough guy who, like you is fed up with all this rubbish. It's the Red Strings Club - the absurdity of it all game by Deconstructeam (Gods is watching) was released in 2018 and provided players with an experience that was truly personal. It is basically, The Red Strings Club is a bartender simulation set in an alternate reality, where all the player needs to do is engage with the customers and mix drinks. For context: A grim future and the power of corporates and a city with no soul that is a savage and a savage to the wealth of everyday people. Only the enduringly resilient Donovan is seated in his bar and strives to make lives of others an ounce better by speaking to them and encouraging people with his beverages. Donovan and his hacker buddy Brandeis learn about the schemes of a rogue corporation which is aiming to get rid of people's emotions of sadness, melancholy and anger through the project known as Public Mental Well-Being. But , beneath the noble intentions is the aim of complete controlling and brainwashing. While Brandeis makes more aggressive efforts to thwart the corporate's plans and strategies, we, as represented by Donovan remain to be at the bar, talking to different people and obtaining details from them to share with our own benefit. In order to get people talking to each other, the participant must mix the appropriate ingredients for the drink, which will create the right feelings for the conversation. Each person is a human being with their own preferences, thoughts, and his issues and needs his unique method of dealing with them. Information gathered from visitors, you can free to discard whatever you want. The amount and quality of the information will depend on your actions. The people who come to you talk about their personal experiences, share stories from the streets Your task is to maintain the conversation as casual as you can, not letting the guest get too diluted. The game is simple but entertaining, while the dialogs can be as vibrant as the characters that utter them. The plot doesn't have enough stars falling from the sky, but the most important factor in this game, just like all of the games mentioned above is the mood. The game is great for rainy days and when the colors of the earth are fading in your eyes. This means that we're about halfway through. Games where killing people is not the main focus of the game are also done. There are many projects ahead of us that awe us with their vile violent, dark, and gruesome power. Games that allow us to experience enough to experience the darker side of our minds and let us fully be awed by the melancholy and adrenaline. Max Payne - drugs, despair, noir. Max Payne is the Max Payne that probably everyone is familiar with. 

Despite its success it's hard not to bring it up here. Because there is something special about the way in which the game presents the story and the atmosphere it creates around it is deserving of the most awe-inspiring praise. To put it in context: The tale of a regular police officer who leads a normal existence with wife, and daughter. The way Max himself puts it "The American Dream made real." One day, however when Payne returns to his home, he is confronted by an entire group of drug addicts who brutally murdered his newborn baby and his beautiful wife. This terrifying event flips Max's world upside down. The power that is Max Payne, as a third-person shooter, is something that no player is going to contest and also once time prove it, since it's not the reason we're here. However, we must consider the way the game causes us to feel the depressing and depressing ambiance of a brutal, frozen New York City. Its music and locales Payne's monologues and even 20 years after the release of the game graphically – all the elements are designed to destroy your morality make you feel like a rotten corpse as you shake at every sound (and the game isn't an eerie game). The experience of watching Payne as a traumatized person is an absolute pleasure. Inflicting him with all kinds of scum like mafia and junkies, provides you with a feeling of deep satisfaction. This game is perfect for colder months, when all good and enjoyable causes you to feel sick and your soul is screaming for an apocalyptic noir. Hotline Miami Retrove and Ultraviolence the game parade from Devolver Digital has opened, I'll attempt to explain the story of how it all came about in the final. Then... Hotline Miami was launched in 2012 and quickly became an instant hit although it was a normal top-down shooter. It became an evocative name for the genre. With its crazy style, violent ultraviolence, and hurricane-like gameplay the game was set to be a great success. To put it in perspective: It's tough to provide any kind of the context for Hotline Miami due to the fact that with anything, but the narrative Hotline is not without its own peculiarities. The events are presented in a manner that is hesitant and jumbled as well as the fact that nearly every part of the story is challenged, leaving some elements open for interpretation by the actors. The top-down shooter in the neo-noir genre that is reminiscent of the 80's in the past place, is designed to keep you entertained with a cleverly interwoven plot. Here at the top of the list is the violence, style and retrovave. The only thing you must do is clear various places of enemies repeatedly over again with the arsenal of guns and edged weapons on the field. What is different from Duma (say 2016, 2016)? It's almost similar: you take out thousands of enemies at times, and with the most gorgeous soundtrack. This is because each of Doom as well as Hotline Miami should evoke the similar emotions within us. 

But , no. The secret to the devil lies in the small particulars. In Hotline the enemies are normal individuals, except they're all bandits and scum. However, the characters in Doom the demons of Hell are waiting to be rescued. The thing is, when we kill those who are like us, people with blood and flesh and blood, we are subconsciously doing things that are wrong. And being on the edge of the knife is a fascinating experience. In addition the characters in the two films Duma as well as Miami the protagonists are as apprehensive as is possible, with the sole difference is that Jeket (the character in the initial part of Hotline Miami) is obviously mentally ill with obvious anomalies. In spite of the alternate reality, Miami from the 80's is extremely close and familiar to us, in contrast to the far future that is populated by Mars as well as Hell. When you consider the scene from the other side the unfeeling and unstable Jacket who killed people belonging to the Russian mafia and drug addicts with cold blood, in the most brutal way is a lot closer to the player with a lot of issues. In contrast to the powerful Doom Slayer, annihilating endless Hell's monsters. Thirdly, despite the identical design of the game but the overall experience is completely different. When you play Doom is a way to release the anger and feel a rush of adrenaline and positive feelings through the game, since that's what the game was designed to achieve. It's also a form of therapy, however it addresses the soreness in a different way. While in Hotline Miami the player accumulates anger and then surrenders to the darkness of his own while displaying the same cold and unfeeling type of melancholy. These dark emotions overwhelm you and fade away when the game progresses in the same way that you melt into the state of apathy. All this, however doesn't mean the game isn't fun. Doom it isn't possible to feel sad, or that when you play Hotline you shouldn't be having enjoyable. The fact is that, in my view, Doom is about pouring out your emotions, and Hotline is about a long-lasting, savoring of your own inner turmoil. The game pays homage to 80's music and the neo-noir age in its aesthetic, style, and message. The most important thing to remember is that in the state is that in which you're an "grandfather insider". 

It is a great way to stir the blood and lets you escape the pressing issues and drown in the depths of unending ultra-violence. Although it's only the first half however, the sequel isn't a slouch compared to the first and provides a glimpse into some aspects in the story. Mother Russia Bleeds - Russia, Acid and Hate Beat'em up, released in 2016 by Devolver Digital in 2016, was the first game released since Hotlina Miami (not counting Bloodbath Kavkaz ) ...) that was able to capture the excitement of a hurricane and energy, and also to create an entirely different game with a completely different genre, setting and story. The only thing that we have to share is art style of pixel. The similarities have gone through an evolution - the music and the spirit. Mother Russia Bleeds has grown rougher, more harsh, and more dirty as compared to its counterpart spiritual and is reflected through every aspect. To put it in perspective, you are part of the Gypsy community within the Soviet Union in the 1980s during the period of Perestroika. The player has the choice of four characters to play, each of which has distinct strengths and weaknesses. The biggest difference can be felt between the awkward but powerful aggressive Ivan along with the weak, but quick Natasha. The plot , we are abducted in the hope of experimenting with the new drug "Necro". As the main characters emerge out of the laboratory inside the jail, they discover that they are dependent on the drug. The gameplay of the game apparent in the way that the syringes containing green liquids can either restore the player's life or boost the speed and strength of the player for a brief period of time, that is beneficial against the attacks of numerous enemies, as well as in fights with bosses. The plot is more unstructured than the one in Hotline Miami, so there is no reason to squander the plot. The gameplay of Bithreadthmap doesn't appear like much, but we must note that it's very entertaining to smear the opponents' faces. In terms of violence, ultra-violence, and cold-bloodedness performs more aggressively than Hotline which can escalate into some sort of animal rage toward your adversaries. The layout of the places and the enemies are more horrific and disgusting in positive ways, to enhance this feeling. The music sets an aggressive mood. It is especially helpful when your melancholy and quiet becomes a nigh-insurmountable anger at everything. Being someone who has "lived" in an alternate reality for a time and then having Mother Russia Bleeds will make it simpler to return to the real world. Katana Zero - PTSD, desire and the Player Katana is able to strike an equilibrist equilibrium between melancholy, sadness and unrelenting rage. To give context: The main character from "Snake," despite his young age is a veteran of war who is suffering from PTSD. The protagonist sees a psychotherapist every time he complains of the same nightmares he's had. When an appointment, the therapist offers Snake an drug called Chronos. Then, the hero is sent to another murder mission. After the mission is completed, Snake returns to his living room, watches television with an overview of the horrible news of the ever-expanding street crime drinking tea, and then goes to sleep. Contrary to earlier games the story here isn't only a reference to the next place that must be cleared up. It is also true that"peaceful" moments of gameplay "peaceful" instances of play are not as bad as those of combat. For one, they are due to the serene, dull atmosphere of neo-noir's dystopia. Additionally, the dialogue system is very entertaining and assists you in getting comfortable with the role of the serpent that has been damaged by fate. As we examine the options for answers that are available, Katana Zero player understands that every one of them, in either way will be in the mind of the main character and we don't get the impression that there are some unneeded or untrue signals. The meaning of the game is, naturally platinum. Snake is certainly a common character from this type of game. He's mentally unhealthy, quiet and collected. He is calm and cold-blooded. When the main character meets the little girl who lives in his home, who's taken on all the humanity of Snake and causes you to smile the most sad smile, and also a hint of sadness and sympathy. Contrary to Hotline Miami and Mother Russia Bleeds, Katana Zero doesn't let you express your anger and disgust for the world that surrounds you. 

Because Katana transforms an extremely violent synthwave video game into a story of your own that is laced with constant desire. RUINER Cyberpunk, dystopia, and oblivion Another Devolver digital video game. It's another Neo-Noir game, another dystopia and yet another traumatized, depersonalized character (this one having amnesia). I'm not sure what the pattern is or how games like these can tap into universal depression, self-injury and anger however, the reality is. The games listed on the last five listed here all follow the same principle They want players to drown their worries with negative thoughts, anxieties along with "grandfather inner" moods. Return to Ruiner However. For the context 2091, cyberpunk corporations implants. Your brain has been compromised and you're amnesiac, your brother has been abducted and a recurring thought is swirling around your mind: "Kill the boss. To help you cope with this all, you will have an expert hacker who communicates with you on the internet and, if required will direct you to the right route. Ruiner is an top-down shooter that has pumping capabilities and skills. The game also comes with an in-game dialogue system, however it's not affecting anything since it's a bit clunky in terms of mechanics as a character image it's a genius. The game is set in the sexy atmosphere of a decaying high-tech town that is where the black market is in charge and corporate executives don't care about the events that happen down there. The game is heavily influenced by the color palette of red and astonishly bright light emanating from neon lights and emergency lighting in factories and the cold blue light emanating out of the exact neon lights. It is also important to note the ambient that lingers that in many ways retains such a dark and atmospheric atmosphere that you can consume it by spoon. Despite the dystopia that is the Ruiner's realm, it retains the player's attention and allow you to fully get lost in the grim roads of Rengkok. There isn't an open world to explore in the game, only a hub-location in shape of the southern portion of the city. We are free to travel to wherever we'd like and which we can go to missions. The small town is so lively and pulsing that it allows you to fully believe that you are living in the world of Ruiner in a world in which people have been considered to be insignificant and, in reality they're so desperate that they're prepared to be expendable themselves. When you stroll through the area, you can hear conversations, collect details about the town as well as the residents, and the events of the game's world, which you can later study (and this information is always worthwhile). The game portrays the same feeling of prostration and disinterest, accompanied by quiet sadness and anger, after your hands are down and you have only oblivion to come. The final chapter of our journey through the areas of darkness and sadness that fill us is now over. How did the final five games on my list end up becoming games released through Devolver Digital, and why weren't there any really huge AAA projects in this list? Take, for instance, The Last of Us Part II. In addition, it's full of sadness and extreme violence in a breathtaking performance. My reasoning for my selection can be explained in this manner: the games presented here are games that involve emotion. 

What happens isn't as important as the emotions they experience with the participant. When playing these kinds of games the emotions I mentioned above serve as the central theme of their brief duration. The melancholy mood is evident from the beginning until the end of the credits. They also try to tell stories with the ups and downs of life and emotional leaps. They tell stories about individuals, about incidents, to be awe-inspiring with their hurricane-like gameplay. It's not to say that Mohr does not want to communicate some message for the user. I can see that it is more logical here than in my personal life, however personally, I was captivated by Mohr in the first place because of his attitude. It's not like there's anything wrong with the Max Payne gameplay, which is what people like in the first place but I personally believe that, in my opinion playing a game with the perspective of Finns is a psychological experience. Also I am aware that for some , also, Sims can be a means to savor their sadness. However, this are my top five games that can help with the melancholy and sombre vibe and the reality that the majority of games listed came out the umbrella of Devolver Digital is more of an accident rather than a deliberate choice. They are among the biggest producers of indie games and are certainly the most significant. It's also the reality that there are numerous products that have similar messages that are available shows the fact that people are delicate and are prone to suffering in their hearts. It is a fact gaming, as an means of expression, can aid those who require an escape from the troubles of life, and to combat the demons within them. It is vital to remind yourself that when you are experiencing real problems that are not simply "autumn blues" it is best not to make your situation worse and seek out help from a specialist. Thank you for taking the time. I hope that I could share my thoughts, and most important, my feelings within the above-mentioned games.